March 01, 2005

Cave Connection to Madison — The Movie

After many delays, the long awaited Indiana movie simply entitled “Madison” is due to be released on April 22 in the town of Madison, as well as other locations throughout Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Madison residents who watched the film and worked as extras will not be the only Hoosiers standing in line for the premier. Marengo Indiana residents are also excited to see their hometown and perhaps some familiar faces in the film as well.

Madison is the true story of the river town which in 1971 became host of the Gold Cup of hydroplane racing and the man who piloted the community-owned boat Miss Madison to victory despite overwhelming odds and lack of financial support. Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) stars as Jim McCormick, racing Miss Madison to victory with Jake Lloyd (Star Wars) as his son.

Not all scenes however were filmed in the scenic river town; several scenes were filmed in Marengo Indiana including a small town street scene and an exploring scene within Marengo Cave US National Landmark.

When the film crew descended upon Marengo Cave, their equipment nearly filled the property as huge trucks of equipment were brought in, unloaded and carried-literally-into the cave's interior. Giant cables snaked from the trucks, down the steps and into the cave to power large lights, cameras and other equipment. Wardrobe staff was on hand for clothing changes, and young star Jake Lloyd had his own trailer for his family's use and for school work between shots.

Since food was not allowed in the cave-even for stars, snacks were provided by film staff for the crew near the entrance while a large trailer provided an elaborate lunch for the cast and support staff mid day in the park's campground.

It required nearly 12 hours filming a short scene in which father and son (Caviezel and Lloyd) explored and left their name within the cave.

Madison is not the first filming the cave has hosted. Over the years at least one other full length film featured the cave; most recently the cave was featured in a music video by the group GS Megaphone. Visitors can see the cave with much less effort and in less time, 363 days a year, without waiting on the movie's release! Marengo Cave offers two tours and has been open to the public for over 121 years.

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