June 03, 2017


Marengo Cave, Indiana’s most visited natural attraction, and a US National Landmark, is pleased to announce a new owner—only the fourth since the travel destination was discovered in 1883.
Steve Calhoun, resident of English, Indiana, and a long-time employee of Marengo Cave, says he plans to continue stewardship of the cave.
“Preserving and protecting the cave is my top priority,” Calhoun stresses.
Gordon Smith, who owned the cave the previous 44 years, described his tenure as one of guarded ownership of the attraction, preserving its integrity, while making improvements and additions to the grounds. Calhoun intends to continue that legacy.
As a tenured employee of Marengo Cave, Calhoun served most recently as Manager of the Cave, as well as operations at Cave Country Canoes in Milltown, Indiana, and Tourist Information Service, a brochure and distribution business encompassing Indiana and Kentucky, also previously owned by Smith. Serving in many positions at Marengo Cave has given Calhoun a unique perspective few achieve in any enterprise. His vision for the future includes enhancing the facilities and engaging the local communities to visit, participate and appreciate the cave during events such as, Founder’s Day, held each year on September 6th— celebrating the September 6, 1883 discovery of Marengo Cave—and Caroling in the Cave, which takes place on December 10th.
Calhoun and his wife, Mary Jo, who is a registered nurse at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center in Jasper, invite you to visit Marengo Cave, open year-round, in beautiful Southern Indiana, just off I-64 between Corydon and Jasper. For more information see www.marengocave.com or call 812-365-2705.

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