Ages 12 and up     $34 per person
Waterfall Crawl

The Adventure

Get muddy with a buddy! This adventure begins with the Red Room ladder entrance into Marengo Cave’s New Discovery. Hidden from visitors for more than one hundred years, this section of cave was discovered on June 6th, 1992.

Trudge through the “Valley of Lost Soles”. Visit Stewart Spring, Indiana’s 13th largest producing spring, from underground.

Then exit from the “Pig Pen” named for the slimy wet clay that you’ll be covered in. Great, not so clean fun!

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Available:  Year Round

Two week minimum advance reservation required.

Group Size:  6-15

Required Age:  10 and up

Hours Needed:  2 + Cleanup

Price:  $34 per person

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What You'll See

A sneak peek just for you.

Click any photo to zoom in.

The Waterfall

Yes, there really is a waterfall and you will get to see it!

Cave Life

Only the keenest eyes will spot the creatures that call this section home!

Pig Pen

More mud for your money!

How low can you go?

Challenging from the get go!

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Cave Exploring Release Form

Be sure to print and complete our release form.

pdf icon Cave Exploring Release Form (pdf)

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Proudly display your courage.

A variety of patch designs are available for purchase.

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Video Footage

Never a dull moment. Catch the excitement.