12 and up     $55
Beyond The Falls


You’ve been asking for it, and now you’ve got it! Our Waterfall Crawl tour is now being extended beyond the falls.

On June 14th, 1992, a huge discovery took place. Explorers dug and opened a crawlway leading into one of Indiana’s largest underground passages. This one of a kind tour has you crawling, wading streams, scrambling and climbing over a mountain of breakdown into Stewart Hall. This massive room measures approximately 350 feet wide and over 250 feet long with a ceiling height of approximately 60 feet. If you’re looking to go where few have gone before then this is the trip for you!
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Available:  Year Round

Two week minimum advance reservation and a group of at least 6 people are required.

Group Size:  6+

Required Age:  12 and up

Hours Needed:  3 + cleanup

Price:  $55 per person

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What You'll See

A sneak peek just for you.

Click any photo to zoom in.

Stewart Spring

Stream Above The Waterfall

Discovery Stream Passage

Red Room Entrance

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Cave Exploring Release Form

Be sure to print and complete our release form.

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Proudly display your courage.

A variety of patch designs are available for purchase.

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