The Crawl

Calling Kids of All Ages

Crawl to the left, twist to the right, and squeeze your way through the winding maze we call The Crawl.

<p>You’ll get your money’s worth!</p>

All About Crawling

You’ll get your money’s worth!

<p>Your friends or family can even watch.</p>

Observation Room

Your friends or family can even watch.

<p>You’ll never forget this experience.</p>

Make Memories

You’ll never forget this experience.

<p>Climb on in and get your adventure started.</p>

Ready. Set. Go!

Climb on in and get your adventure started.

Mudphobia? No problem.

This challenge provides a feel for what our cave exploring trips are like, except without the water and mud. Our simulator is warm and dry and fun for all ages. Children and adults alike enjoy exploring the Crawl.

Mad fun for your group

Each ticket is for a single trip through the crawl.

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Available:  Year Round

Required Age:  8 and up

Time Needed:  15 Minutes

Price:  $2 per person