Gemstone Mining

Pan for treasure. Find it.

Sift through the dirt and rock, like early miners did. Discover sparkling emeralds, dazzling rubies, and other assorted gemstones.

<p>All ages can enjoy this activity.</p>

Fun for Everyone

All ages can enjoy this activity.

<p>You don’t want to miss any gems!</p>

Shake & Sift Well

You don’t want to miss any gems!

<p>Come any time and try your hand at mining.</p>

New inside gem stone mining sluice

Come any time and try your hand at mining.

<p>Take your gems home and show everyone.</p>

Finders, Keepers...

Take your gems home and show everyone.

Ideal for all ages.

Mining is perfectly suited for younger children, school groups, Brownies, Cub Scouts, and more. Activity includes mining materials, plastic bag for gems, and gem identification card.

  • Gem bag:$4
  • Arrowhead bag: $4
  • Large Gem bag: $6.99
  • Fossil bag:$8.99

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Available:  Year Round

Required Age:  2 and up

Time Needed:  10-20 Minutes

Price:  $4 - $8.99 per person