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The Miner’s Maze

Spanning over 5,000 square feet, this wooden life-size maze is a fun outdoor challenge that your students are sure to love.

There is only one way in and one way out. Once inside the maze, there are puzzling passageways that twist and turn, several dead end stops, and two sets of 4 challenge checkpoints.

It’s so AMAZING, you may find it difficult to leave!

Make it a package deal.

We offer two great packages that include this option.

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All Year

Weather Permitting





Ideal for all ages!



Mega Maze Photo

Challenging and Fun for the Whole Family

Because the shortest path between two points isn't very fun!

Punch The Clock image

Punch The Clock

Record your start time before you begin!
Locate Each Checkpoint image

Locate Each Checkpoint

Find the letters B A T S or
R O C K or both!
Look Out Bridge image

Look Out Bridge

Try not to get lost!
Clock Out image

Clock Out

Race to the finish and clock out to see your fastest time!

Fun for the whole family!
Challenging and a great time!

The Miner's Maze is fun for the whole family! , Melissa R, Shelbyville, IN

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 812-365-2705    Toll Free: 888-702-2837
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  Directions : 400 East State Road 64,
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