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The Sky Climber Photo

Sky Climber

Vertically 30 feet tall, 8 layers to climb up, enclosed with netting all around. Spiral slide back down, must be at least 42 inches.
Fast exciting slide down.

Make it a package deal.

We offer two great packages that include this option.

Save Money. This activity comes in a pre-bundled package. View Fun Packages


All Year

Weather Permitting





Ideal for all ages 42 inches & up



The Sky Climber Photo

Climb up slide down

Squi-gle your way through!!!

Climb to the top image

Climb to the top

Get a ticket, start climbing!!!
Enjoying sky climber image

Enjoying sky climber

Give it a try
Looking through the floor image

Looking through the floor

Bounce your way to the top
Almost to the top image

Almost to the top

Love climbing, come join the fun!!

Fun for the whole family!
Challenging and a great time!

Sky Climber is fun for the whole family! , Melissa R, Shelbyville, IN

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 812-365-2705    Toll Free: 888-702-2837
  Directions : 400 East State Road 64,
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  Directions : 400 East State Road 64,
Marengo, IN 47140